Hattiban Rock Climbing

Hattiban Rock Climb Overview

If scaling massive cliffs while enjoying sublime natural landscapes is what you want to do this holiday season. Hattiban rock climbing is your go-to option. Rock climbing involves you climbing a vertical cliff helped by the footholds and handholds distributed along your path. While rock climbing has been around for quite some while, Kathmandu adds little twists to it making them even more enjoyable.


Hattiban Rock Climb Highlights

  • 10 different routes mapped across the sheer rock face
  • Enjoy thrilling rock climb up the cliff of Hattiban

The stunning natural landscapes and a few Himalayan views make the region ideal for rock-climbing. But, perhaps, the diversity of location is one of the more determining factors for adventure lovers to choose Kathmandu for Rock Climbing. Rock Climbing in Kathmandu allows people of skill levels to enjoy the thrill of the sport. Moreover, the scenery one can relish on the sport also adds treats to the participants. Hattiban and Nagarjun are the two famous destinations in and around the valley to experience Rock Climbing.

At a distance of 26 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the Hattiban Rock Climbing is a perfect getaway for adventure. Tailored more towards the skilled group of climbers, this spot offers a perfect place to engage in a challenging climb. With 10 different routes mapped across the sheer rock face, the climb offers a wide variety of challenges. As the southern face receives constant sunlight throughout, this one is ideal for the winter. The climbing grades start from 6a all the way to 7a. While the thrill of the climb does entice adventure lovers, the scenery of the Himalayas adds refreshing sights as well.

6 AM
1 The hour drive from Thamel to Hattiban
Heading out of Thamel with all our equipment, we escape the city headed for the hamlets spread around the valley. Enjoying the pleasant hilly landscape, we reach Hattiban. From the main stop, the rock climbing site is at a distance of 10 minutes through a lovely forested region.
7 AM
Rock Climbing and Drive back to Thamel
Next up is the actual climb! Taking our time, we enjoy the climb itself and also the surrounding landscapes. These views offer a pleasant escape from having to search for the next handhold. Gradually ascending from one foothold to another, we conquer the cliff. Heading back to the village, we stop for lunch before making our way back to the valley.

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