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Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hiking

Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hiking offers you nothing but pure joy and ecstasy of gazing at some of the world’s tallest Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 2,275m Chandragiri forms the southeastern part of Kathmandu at a distance of 12.8 kilometers away from the valley.

In this very short hiking in Nepal,  you pass along a plethora of views along the rural and hilly Nepal. On a clear day, the snowy summits of Ganesh and Langtang Himalayan ranges can be clearly seen shouldered by glorious settlements all around. On top of this, we also make a visit to the holy Hindu temple of Dakshinkali, ending the journey on a high note. It is the best hike in Nepal and full day tour in a religious place.


Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hike Highlights

  • Stunning views of the Himalayas including Langtang and Ganesh Himalayan Ranges
  • Hike along the trails laded with bio-diversity
  • An unmissable experience for bird watchers
  • Undertake an exciting cable car ride to Chandragiri


Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hike Overview

The day begins early as we make our way out of Kathmandu heading for Chandragiri day hiking. Exiting the valley through the Tribhuvan Highway, the journey quickly takes us to the hilly parts of the valley. The drive continues all the way towards the Chandragiri Cable Car Station locates at Thankot. Boarding the cable car, we make our way to the top enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes along with the territory.

At the summit, we take time off to enjoy the stunning views of the Himalayas and the valley down below while also admiring the establishment we are on. After a quick rest, we begin our hike. From Chandragiri, the trail quickly enters the hilly forests while the Himalayas continue to surround us from all sides.

One for the bird watchers, the forests host a wide variety of bird species including Grey Wagtail, Steppe Eagle, Kingfishers, Common Myna, Indian Pond Heron, and Spotted Dove. For those interested, the forests also house a wide variety of medicinal plants making it ideal for researchers also can be seen in Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hiking.

On our way back, we visit the temple of Champadevi before descending down to the Dakshinkali temple. Both these temples are esteemed destinations to Hindu devotees and have incredible history behind their origin. Finally, we take a drive back to Kathmandu which concludes our journey of Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hiking.

We, here at Nepal Treks, love anything and everything about nature and hiking gives us the opportunity to accompany you to the majesty of Nepal. Accompany us on this Chandragiri Dakshinkali Hiking to relish the stunning Himalayan views and cultural glory.



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Drive form central Kathmandu to Chandragiri Cable Car (Thankot)
The day begins early as we depart from Kathmandu. Taking on the Tribhuvan Highway, we quickly escape the hectic city coming to life towards the tranquil hills surrounding the valley. The journey is a quick one which takes about 45 minutes reaching the Chandragiri Cable Car Station at Thankot. Making sure our tickets are ready for the ropeway, we make our journey heading for the summit
Hiking from Chandragiri Height to Dakshinkali via Champadevi |5-6 hrs
Reaching the top of Chandragiri Hills, we enjoy the stunning views of Himalayas. On a clear day, you can see the summits of Langtang, Ganesh, and Everest Himalayan Ranges poking above the clouds. Enjoying the Himalayan panorama, we begin our hike headed towards Champadevi. Taking on the pleasant hilly trail snaking alongside the lush green forests the temple of Champadevi which sits on top of the third highest hill surrounding the valley. A constant display of pleasant landscapes and unforgettable views continue to greet us as we descend to the Hindu temple of Dakshinkali. The temple was established as a homage to the Hindu goddess Kali
Drive Back to Kathmandu
After paying our respects at the temple, we begin our journey heading back to Kathmandu. Boarding the bus from Dakshinkali, we reach the valley through the cultural city of Kirtipur. The journey is brightened by the unique architecture prevalent throughout the city. Reflected on the buildings and houses are historic pieces of art and architecture displaying their unique culture and way of life. The journey ends back at Kathmandu from where you can head to your respective destinations.

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