Mount Everest, being one of the largest mountains in the world, Everest Base camp trek lies among famous trekking adventures. As it lies in Nepal, trekkers go through lower hills to base camp to reach world’s tallest mountain peak. There is no doubt that this adventure is a splendid journey that highlights and defines Nepal’s topography. It even showcases Himalayan life. Everest Base Camp Trek has gain so much popularity that not only Nepalese’s but also many tourist from all around the world visit here. Beside the trek they also come to enjoy rich Sherpa culture and even Everest Himalayas shadows that must be experienced once in a lifetime.

Top seven reasons why you should do Everest Base Camp Trek are mentioned below.


1) First step towards Everest Base Camp Trek-thrilling flight to Lukla:

The Everest Base Camp Trek begins through flight to Lukla .Beside it, there is other way to Khumbu but this is most preferred due to shortest and easiest route. It itself is considered like a small adventure that is shortest runways on the planet. The Lukla Airport is also known as The Tenzing  Hillary Airport. The runway starts with atop a cliffs and fall away downwards at its end. This short flight gives experience of eye-catching view of unfurling mountains that aren’t to be miss out. It undergo into Himalayan foothills leaving behind the hills that shows beautiful sceneries of change in topography.


2)  The Sagarmatha National Park:

The Sagarmatha National Park is considered among UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site that highlights Everest Base Camp Trek. It includes natural sceneries of its flora and faunal species going through beautiful Himalayan conserved area. Within the Himalayan woods, those curving landscape of the peak is considered as home to endangered species of animals as well as the Snow Leopard and the Musk Deer among other creatures. The beautiful scenery containing birch bamboo forests adds more excitement towards the final destination i.e. Everest Base Camp Trek.


3) Namche Bazaar:

Namche Bazaar is popularly known as mountain town that also highlights Everest Base Camp Trek. Kongde ri, the Thamserku and also the Everest landscape are the beautiful sceneries seen through this mountain town. It is also known as gateway to the Himalayas of Nepal that showcases Himalayan views and topography. Most trekkers prefer to stay here for adaption of new climate. This place plays vital role in enhancing tourism sector of Khumbu.In ancient times, Nepali and Tibetan traders used to exchange salt, dried meat, and even textiles due to which Namche Bazaar is considered as point for both export and import.


4) The Sherpa Culture:

The Sherpa culture is high priority among tourist who visit Khumbu region of Nepal. This culture has been an inspiration for not only Nepalese but also for people around the globe. It is considered as legendary Sherpa culture of Everest for their tradition and also for their human mountaineering skills. Most of the trekkers prefers to have Sherpa guide for exploring the region due to their friendly nature which sprinkles charm of trekking.


5) The Spiritual centre of Khumbu-Tengboche Monastery:

Being an adventurous trek, the Everest Base Camp Trek also includes spiritual journey. Many Buddhist shrines ,small Gumbas  with colorful prayer flags symbolizes spiritual trek that is famous and admired by most people. In Tengboche village, many Mani stone walls are engraved with prayers which are common around the village. Rhododendron woods surround the village where the Himalayan eagles are seen and heard. It is also considered among trekkers that Buddhist monk’s gives blessing for the successful journey of trekkers. The scene of the Ama Dablam and Mount Everest are exceedingly amazing from the village. This village itself highlights destination of the journey.

Many wonderful artworks, Buddhist murals are decorated through out the monastery. Even the soft and intricare pastel artwork are decorated outside the walls of monastery which portray the myths and legends from the Buddhist culture .This monastery is mostly famous for the holy place of peaceful and beautiful surroundings reflecting the Himalayan elegance.


6) The endmost destination of hikers-The Everest Base Camp:

Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp is the final destination of trek which highlights the whole journey itself. Trekkers feel achievement of their main journey filled with thrill excitement which itself lights up the whole trek. They held’s the sense of happiness wandering around the tallest Himalayan peak that they were trekking for over a week. Being surrounded by snow and vast openness under the clear blue sky highlighting the shadow of world tallest Himalayan peak gives the pride in itself. The bulk of mountains and cliff enhances the view of anyone’s life or spirit.


7) Extensive view of the Everest:

The Everest Base Camp Trek encourages the journey by itself as the Himalayan vistas are one of the draw points of Nepal. Panoramas of the khumbu’s Himalayas are ought to be seen which are not found beside here in the whole planet. Many renowned peaks like Lhotse, the Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam as well as Mount Everest instantly surrounds trekkers thought out the journey evolving even the giant mountain peak of the Everest massif. As trekkers reach the base camp, the sight of famous Khumbu icefall is seen. Even the view of glowing white Everest peak decorating the blue skyline enhances the whole scenario which is breath-taking.

Hence’ the view of Mount everest isn’t seen from the base camp but from most famous view point of Kalapatthar. Kalapatthar means “the Black rock ‘which is famous for extensive view of Mount Everest. More number of trekkers trek to Kalapatthar in order to watch the sunrise from amidst the Everest Himalayas early in the morning.

In conclusion, Everest Base Camp is considered to have many highlights and is famous by the name itself. The spring and the autumn are the best seasons for trekking that falls on March to May and September to December respectively. It is one of the best experience that are ought to be taken by anyone and aren’t to be missed out by any trekking passionate.

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